Politics - Leadership

Adoniram Judson ... Endurance Personified
Adulterous Church Members: Stay or Leave?
Adultery ... Far Worse than You Might Think
Being Rich Toward God - A Scriptural Overview of Giving
Biblical Basics of Dealing with Problems
Biblical Insights that are Out of Sight (part 1)
Biblical Insights that are Out of Sight (part 2)
Biblical Insights that are Out of Sight (part 3)
Church Discipline and Restoration Process
Church Leadership (part 1)
Church Leadership (part 2)
Church Leadership (part 3)
Church Leadership (part 4)
Church Leadership (part 5)
Church Leadership (part 6)
Church Leadership (part 7)
Church Leadership (part 8)
Confession - Insight Into the Real You
Counseling Must be Based Solely on the Bible
Discipleship Must be Based Solely on the Bible
Divine Sufficiency or Divine Deficiency
Do All for the Glory of God
Every Thought Captive
Exposing False Teaching - Is It Divisive?
Free Speech Either Exalts Self or Honors God
Fulfilled Prophecies Verify Biblical Truth
Genuine Grace . . . Unedited Truth
God's Peace can be Yours
God's Purposes in His Children's Trials
Good Works are not Good Enough and do not Work
Gratifying Yourself or Glorifying Your Savior
Gripping God's Hand or Griping about His Plan
Initial Responses to Life's Challenges
Is Jesus Lord of Your Life?
Jesus ... Creator, Sustainer, Finisher
Jesus IS Lord
Lasting Peace Comes Only Through Jesus
Leadership is not for Fools and Scoffers ... but it Happens
Lies and More Lies: Can Lying be Eliminated?
Life's Most Important Decision
Living for yourSELF or your SAVIOR
Oikos - The Household Principle
Personal Communication that Requires Wisdom and Prayer
Politics as Usual… Pride, Greed, & Lying
Prayer . . . and God
Prayer . . . and Jesus
Prayer . . . and You
Prayerlessness: A Reflection of Self-Centeredness
Refuting False Teaching ... For God's Glory and Our Protection
Self-Esteem Fallacy Unmasked Years Ago
Servanthood: The Low Road to a High Calling
Statement of Faith - condensed
Taking God's Name in Vain by Careless Believers
Taking God's Name in Vain is More than Cursing
Teamwork: Body Building with Divine Purposes
Telling the Truth is Naturally Impossible
The Illusion of Hope in Psychotherapy
The Most Difficult People In The World - Fools and Scoffers
The Root Cause of Current Economic Troubles
Trusting in God in Trials Out of Our Control
TRUTH - The Measurement for All Aspects of Life and Relationships
Truth in Life Basic for Growth in Christ
Truth is Personal, Not Merely a Concept
Truth on the Driving Range ... Thanks to Jack Nicklaus
Unmasking Lies that Masquerade as Truth
What Do You Believe? . . . No, Really
When Relevance Trumps Reverence
Whose Church Is It, Anyway?
Why an Eternal Perspective Changes Everything
Wisdom - A Prerequisite to Determining God's Will
Words - The Thermometer of Your Heart
World Economic Crisis and the Last Days
“Spin”—the Acceptable Lie